Heather Weber

Co-Founder/Co-Director, Social Entrepreneur, Visionary

Heather Weber discovered her desire to work with others in developing and recognizing their strengths, abilities, and quality for life after pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1997. During this time and thereafter, Heather worked at several community social service agencies that allowed her several years of experience in working with multiple populations of individuals with varying age ranges from teenagers to late adulthood that were challenged with various mental health/behavioral diagnosis, conditions, and disabilities. This led Heather to embark upon the path of the healing and integrative arts field over the past decade, since graduating from Eastwind Healing and Massage Therapy School of Iowa City, Iowa in 2000. Since this time, Heather with her spouse, Joshua Weber, had a vision to combine their years of experience in the social service field, and develop a supportive community living organization that approached life and the individual from a Holistic perspective; addressing the “whole person.” It was at this time in 2007 that Builders of Hope was born.

Heather has a passion for working with the mind, body, & heart to assist others on their personal path to wellness and wellbeing. A Mother of three children, Heather has a deep respect for the birthing process, and giving birth to life in many forms. Heather has hope that through Builders of Hope, many individuals will find a caring community, an opportunity to embark upon a path to wellness, stability and well-being, and embrace purpose in their lives.

Key team members.
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Heather Weber



Joshua Weber



Jerry Springer B.S.

Director of Program


Katrina Hochstetler BS

Direct Care Professional I

Jenny McCaslin

Jenny McCaslin BA

Wellness Counselor II

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Margaret Nienaber, CTRS

Lodge Coordinator