The Caring Process

Upon choosing Builders of Hope as your mental health care provider, you will discover a unique and compassionate organization with professional staff. Together we will develop an individualized program, meaningful to you, that address your physical, mental, and emotioanl needs. Time is carefully spent building a sense of trust and getting to know you. Through trust, compassion, education, creativity, and awareness we co-create an environment that allows for a postive experience and the necessary tools to succeed.

Services Provided

  • Supported Community Living Services – (SCL, HAB (Habilitation), Private Pay) Assisting individuals with Chronic Medical Healther conditions by developing wellness, self care, personal life skills, and building assets, resources and a shared community for support
  • Therapy/Psychiatry – Assistance with coordination of these services.
  • Payee Financial Services – Working with individuals who are in need of payee services.

Description of Services

Supported Community Living Services:

  • Indivudal assessment
  • Establishing a plan of care / co-creating your personal goals with a Wellness Counselor
  • Development of natural supports, resource guidance, mental health management, financial management, and healthy life skills
  • Medication support to assist with the awareness of mental health symptoms and management.


  • Working in conjunction with a therapist on an interdisciplinary approach to healing.

Payee Financial Services

  • To assist each individual with financial planning and management.

Outreach Services

Builders of Hope provides outreach supported community living assistance to individuals living in an independent setting (house, apartment, etc…). Our staff will assist each client with their individual life goals and developing wellness & stability while living independently in their community. Builders of Hope staff will also assist with establishing community resources and community integration.