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Builders of Hope Lodges

Co-operative Living Program

Builders of Hope has a co-operative living program and house that is a shared living environment for Builders of Hope clients. There are a total of seven bedrooms in the shared living space with common areas accessed by the residents. The Co-operative living setting allows each resident an opportunity to develop supportive relationships, attend required weekly community meals and shared housing responsibilities, and participate in a collective weekly meeting facilitated by Builders of HOpe staff, offering reflection, guidance, and support in positively moving forward in one’s life. The Co-operative living sets the stage for individuals to work together on shared vision that supports the residents individually and collectively on the path towards wellness. Residents are strongly encoraged to participate in additional activities associated with Builders of Hope for the purpose of developing community, and creating support, stability, and wellness in one’s life.

Phoenix House Lodge Program

The Phoenix House -Lodge Program offers a highly structured shared living environment for Builders of Hope clients. There are a total of six bedrooms in the shared living space with common areas accessed by the residents. This program is designed to engage each client on a level of transformation and development. The Phoenix House is supervised by the Lodge Coordinator, a Builders of Hope staff that provides support and coordinates required structured activities, medication support, community meals, lodge meetings, lhouse responsibilities, and learning and skill development opportunities. At the Phoenix Lodge each resident works with a Builders of Hope staff on their individualized life goals, phases of development and life skills, and creating and sustaining mental health stability. There is a strong emphasis placed on learning to develop life skills, integrate community, and create stability and wellness in ones life.

Overview of Lodges

Builders of Hope provides transitional living experiences in our Community Lodges. Each Lodge offers a unique aspect of community living. Lodge residents live and manage their home together, give each other support and companionship; drawing on resources of self, other lodge residents and professional wellness counselors as needed, empowering one another on their path to wellness and managing their mental health.

Our Lodges our shared by a group of 6-7 individuals. Living in a lodge is like living in an extended family. The peer support and self-reliance provide a unique opportunity for residents to function as a team and maintain a high level of personal independence. All individuals share responsibility for managing their own home.

The Lodge Group

  • is responsible for general housekeepig and assigned weekly tasks.
  • Plans and prepares meals together with frequency.
  • encourages and helps others to remember to take their medications.
  • Reminds other residents of house rules when necessary.
  • Goes to required lodge meetings and other program/recreational activities.

The structure, stability, and the supportive co-creative relationship that is cultivated in our lodges provide the basic foundation for healthy living, community, and wellness.