The Conscious Living Center

The Conscious Living Center is affiliated with and supports the Builders of Hope Program. The center is a creative space offering the Builders of Hope program participants an opportunity to come together as a “community”. Builders of Hope recognizes the barriers, stigmas, and isolation that so many of our clients face. The Conscious Living Center provides a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can explore a variety of enrichment and self-development groups and activities. These activities are designed to develop “the whole person” as it relates to the Builders of Hope holistic approach to wellness. This is achieved in a group context by cultivating self development and awareness, through community building and exploration, self help techniques that support health and well-being, engaging in positive social relationships, and through participation in creative self-expression and enrichment activities. Through education, wellness, and community it is our hope that program participants will develop a foundation for mindfulness, independence, and healthy living. See the Conscious Living Center Website at Please see the Conscious Living Calendar for Builders of Hope activities at the Conscious Living Center.

The activities at the Conscious Living Center will be guided by various facilitators affiliated with Builders of Hope. The facilitators will have a range of expertise according to the presented activity.